Nick Lempesis

Maps, GIS and geospatial web

Smart cities

University of Bristol

I developed an interest in Smart City applications through an optional course at the University of Bristol, where I researched smart technologies and their role in service innovation to meet social, economic and environmental policy objectives. In one computational MATLAB project I analyzed and visualized energy use data from 4000 households to demonstrate behavioral patterns and explore how smart meters can reduce energy consumption and improve efficiency.

I am also interested in the promotion of pedestrian prioritization in urban environments. In an urban redesign of the main campus street and junctions, I suggested a shared use scheme where the street is paved and unmarked, leading to a coexistence of pedestrians with restricted vehicle users. Pavements were also reconfigured to facilitate preferred pedestrian routes. These interests led me to seek smart solutions to everyday urban problems in my MSc thesis.

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Mapping urban problems

Satellites, AI and urban planning
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Urban planning for Castries

Master plan against urban sprawl