Maps, GIS and geospatial web


Cover Image for Infrastructure map
For Upwork Client,

Country-wide infrastructure visualisation

Cover Image for Ptolemy

A history web app to explore the past

Cover Image for Metro-style hiking trails
For Outdooractive,

Print like trail visualizations for the web

Cover Image for Print map reports
For Addresscloud,

Export web maps to PDF

Cover Image for Automatic minimaps
For Outdooractive,

QGIS project for auto minimap generation

Cover Image for MapTakeout

Easy minimap generation

Cover Image for Lost relative trail
For Marina Maniadaki,

Supporting an art project with maps

Cover Image for Tourism regions
For Outdooractive,

Restructuring the base of a travel guide

Cover Image for Map against violence
For Memonomena Peristatika,

Supporting a police brutality initiative

Cover Image for Computed symbology
For Outdooractive,

Custom visualisation functions

Cover Image for Activity maps
For Outdooractive,

PDF maps and height profiles

Cover Image for Productivity GIS tools
For Outdooractive,

Improving editorial efficiency

Cover Image for Line network processing
For Outdooractive,

Data integration with smart suggestions

Cover Image for Business strategy map
For Verisure Glasgow,

Evaluating selling potential using open data

Cover Image for Web map for a baker
For Private client,

Tailor made map for a professional

Cover Image for Mapping urban problems
For University of Glasgow,

Satellites, AI and urban planning

Cover Image for Structure from motion
For University of Glasgow,

Drone photogrammetry and point-cloud

Cover Image for Immigration map
For University of Glasgow,

A storytelling map focused at the Syrian refugee crisis

Cover Image for Land plot database
For University of Glasgow,

Custom geodatabase schema

Cover Image for Arran topography
For University of Glasgow,

Touristic map design for a Scottish island

Cover Image for Windfarm visual impact
For University of Glasgow,

Landscape change in animated 3D

Cover Image for Coordinate transformations
For University of Glasgow,

Programming geomatics in Python

Cover Image for Cartographic process
For University of Glasgow,

Small exercises in cartography

Cover Image for Windfarm siting algorithm
For Coursera,

Automating a site-finding workflow

Cover Image for Image classifications
For Various,

Processing multi-band satellite imagery

Cover Image for Technical projects
For University of Bristol,

Miscellaneous work at engineering school

Cover Image for House design in St Lucia
For University of Bristol,

Designing and modelling for resiliency

Cover Image for Urban planning for Castries
For University of Bristol,

Master plan against urban sprawl

Cover Image for Dam design consultation
For University of Bristol,

Collaborating for construction design

Cover Image for Joint design for bamboo bicycles
For University of Bristol,

Accessible transport in rural Africa

Cover Image for Topographic survey in Wales
For University of Bristol,

Manual survey and handmade map

Cover Image for Smart cities
For University of Bristol,

Research and visualization