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Urban planning for Castries

University of Bristol

This MEng Civil Engineering work utilised my dissertation's resulting house design as a unit basis in a communal neighbourhood plan. A relevant water supply network design was also provided to form a framework that can be used by the government of Saint Lucia to combat unregulated urban sprawl and substantially improve the living standards of underprivileged people. To be complete, this framework will have to include water sourcing and quality considerations, drainage and sewage plans, power distribution, maintenance procedures and inclusive community action and empowerment plans to keep the neighbourhood desirable to its residents.

For the urban plan I researched arrangements that minimise fast traffic and infrastructure requirements. A dense footway network emphasises social cohesion and pedestrian movement and minimises road construction in steep slopes.

For hydraulic design I used the EPANET software and provided adequate redundancy for infrastructure failure.

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Mapping urban problems

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