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Activity maps


I produced maps for print products of public client organizations around Germany, using the proprietary Outdooractive style and data. This included clipping our data to the ordered map sheets, exporting primary maps series in PDF and postprocessing content, labels and marginalia in Adobe Illustrator. Elevation profiles were also prepared using automated Illustrator actions. 

Parallel to the various projects I carried out a complete remake of our master QGIS project file, simplifying the symbology, flattening layers and taking advantage of the full software capabilities. My changes led to a 50% decrease in file size and a much easier to handle style file.

This work was based on infrastructure provided by the cartography team at Outdooractive, including icons and basemap.


Cover Image for Metro-style hiking trails
For Outdooractive,

Print like trail visualizations for the web

Cover Image for Automatic minimaps
For Outdooractive,

QGIS project for auto minimap generation

Cover Image for Lost relative trail
For Marina Maniadaki,

Supporting an art project with maps

Cover Image for Tourism regions
For Outdooractive,

Restructuring the base of a travel guide

Cover Image for Computed symbology
For Outdooractive,

Custom visualisation functions

Cover Image for Business strategy map
For Verisure Glasgow,

Evaluating selling potential using open data

Cover Image for Web map for a baker
For Private client,

Tailor made map for a professional

Cover Image for Immigration map
For University of Glasgow,

A storytelling map focused at the Syrian refugee crisis

Cover Image for Arran topography
For University of Glasgow,

Touristic map design for a Scottish island

Cover Image for Cartographic process
For University of Glasgow,

Small exercises in cartography

Cover Image for Topographic survey in Wales
For University of Bristol,

Manual survey and handmade map