Nick Lempesis

Maps, GIS and geospatial web

Arran topography

University of Glasgow

This project delivered an A3 format topographic map design at 1:100k scale presenting the main points of interest on the island of Arran in Scotland. The map is usable in brochure or poster form and is aimed at daily tourism. Basic cultural and physical layers were manually generalised from the Ordnance Survey Strategi dataset, with some additional information vectorised from the 1:250k OS raster map.

The colour scheme attempts a reference to the winter island landscape, with warm coloured cultural features in contrast. Hypsometric layers desaturate past 500m, distinguishing mountainous areas and giving a purple note, also faintly visible in the real landscape. A light texture has been used in woodland.

A supporting map specification on colours and data sources came with the map. Data manipulation and prioritisation was done in QGIS and postprocessing, layout, icon design, typography and colour balancing were carried out in Inkscape.

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