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Verisure Glasgow

The insight GIS can unlock for client-targeting companies is important, and in this project I researched available open data sources and statistics to deliver value for the Glasgow branch of a security alarm provider. The desirable outcomes were pinpointed in consultation with the branch manager of the client, and were readjusted at a later stage in the project.

The result was an algorithm to rank statistical areas of Glasgow according to selling potential, taking into account data by the Ordnance Survey open data layers, Open Street Map thematic information, the Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation and an API for calculating time travel zones for police intervention. Main pillars of the metrics included income, crime, and business location density.

The ranked areas served as backdrop to a map of the city and targetable businesses. Major business groups were found using a clustering algorithm and also ranked by their surrounding area average. The map pinpoints businesses of interest, isolated businesses, and police stations, including their closest postcode. Existing company installations and client were incorporated.

The final product was printed in A0 and was used for day-to-day cold-knocking strategy, and market overview. It received positive feedback for providing branch staff with a clear image of their target area. GIS analysis was carried out in QGIS, with map post-processing in Inkscape.

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