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I was hired by UK location intelligence geocoding provider Addresscloud to enhance their platform's print report functionality. The company's web app consists of a map-based panel with a list of selected property information on exposure to different types of risk and related metrics.

I developed a javascript utility that generates a printable A4 PDF report of the current map view and related fetched statistics into the layout requested by the client. The code resizes the map canvas into the calculated print resolution size, and builds the PDF layout using jsPDF client-side, importing data like user email from application state.

The original code was optimised with 200kb reduction in bundle size and the user experience was enhanced, including a buffering modal while the generation works, and a responsive two column consistent visual design in the final print.

Cover Image for Metro-style hiking trails

Metro-style hiking trails

Print like trail visualizations for the web
Cover Image for Automatic minimaps

Automatic minimaps

QGIS project for auto minimap generation
Cover Image for Lost relative trail

Lost relative trail

Supporting an art project with maps
Cover Image for Computed symbology

Computed symbology

Custom visualisation functions
Cover Image for Activity maps

Activity maps

PDF maps and height profiles
Cover Image for Business strategy map

Business strategy map

Evaluating selling potential using open data
Cover Image for Web map for a baker

Web map for a baker

Tailor made map for a professional
Cover Image for Immigration map

Immigration map

A storytelling map focused at the Syrian refugee crisis
Cover Image for Arran topography

Arran topography

Touristic map design for a Scottish island
Cover Image for Cartographic process

Cartographic process

Small exercises in cartography
Cover Image for Topographic survey in Wales

Topographic survey in Wales

Manual survey and handmade map