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Infrastructure map in QGIS

Upwork Client

This project was carried out on Upwork for a private client working in infrastructure development, requesting a reference interactive map of UK gas pipelines, related infrastructure and geographical context. The cartographic requirements included that the map should be legible to non GIS experts and include some client provided data layers.

After consulting the client on available options, I delivered a QGIS project map with smart layer grouping for different use cases, and scale dependent symbology. The map included an open vector basemap by Ordnance Survey, OpenStreetMap data, raster overview map, administrative and geographical divisions, Google satellite imagery as an XYZ tiles service and land property boundaries in WMS by the land registry. Data preprocessing included reprojections, styling and clipping to the desired geographical extend. Data descriptions, source, date and copyright information was embedded in the project in layer metadata.

The thematic level included UK gas pipelines, petrol stations (extracted from OpenStreetMap), fire departments, gas processing facilities, agricultural and waste plants, as well as traffic information. Much of the data was put together for the project from open sources including the governmental data portal. The map became a very good visualisation tool serving different contextual information according to scale, and was met with very positive feedback by the client. In total it took under two work days to prepare this map.

An excellent experience working with Nick - very responsive; communicated clearly; suggested good ideas and worked with my imperfect brief to deliver a high quality mapped product. Highly recommended!

Michael Shaw

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