Nick Lempesis

Maps, GIS and geospatial web

Land plot database

University of Glasgow

This project called for the creation of a geographical database and associated output templates for use in administration of a rural crofting estate in Drumbuie, Kyle, NW Scotland. The target use consisted of collecting and distributing rent, managing land tax, maintaining a record of occupied land, managing unoccupied land, delivering services to owners and tenants, and solving land related disputes.

I created a database schema including parcels, owners, tenants and tenancy entities. Local topographic data was obtained from the Ordnance Survey MasterMap series and symbolised appropriately. Some preprocessing was necessary to derive a close approximation to actual land parcels.

A conceptual, logical and physical model and documentation accompanied the database. The implementation used the ArcGIS suite (ArcMap, ArcCatalog) with the Related Tables function revealing linked objects.

Cover Image for Infrastructure map

Infrastructure map

Country-wide infrastructure visualisation
Cover Image for Productivity GIS tools

Productivity GIS tools

Improving editorial efficiency
Cover Image for Line network processing

Line network processing

Data integration with smart suggestions
Cover Image for Structure from motion

Structure from motion

Drone photogrammetry and point-cloud
Cover Image for Windfarm visual impact

Windfarm visual impact

Landscape change in animated 3D
Cover Image for Coordinate transformations

Coordinate transformations

Programming geomatics in Python
Cover Image for Windfarm siting algorithm

Windfarm siting algorithm

Automating a site-finding workflow
Cover Image for Image classifications

Image classifications

Processing multi-band satellite imagery