Nick Lempesis

Maps, GIS and geospatial web

Windfarm siting algorithm


This project was a multi-criteria site evaluation on the Greek islands of Milos and Tinos, in view of recent discussions on windfarm development increasing local energy autonomy and reliability.

The analysis and cartography were carried out in ArcMap. A vector based approach was taken with discrete criteria like minimum wind speed, while Fuzzy Suitability was used to combine continuous criteria like visual impact in raster format. The workflow sequence was automated into a ModelBuilder geoprocessing tool.

The map features a multi-directional hillshade made using Terrain Tools, mosaiced with the thematic layer to avoid transparency colour muting. A simple corresponding web map on ArcGIS online was also made.

Cover Image for Infrastructure map

Infrastructure map

Country-wide infrastructure visualisation
Cover Image for Productivity GIS tools

Productivity GIS tools

Improving editorial efficiency
Cover Image for Line network processing

Line network processing

Data integration with smart suggestions
Cover Image for Structure from motion

Structure from motion

Drone photogrammetry and point-cloud
Cover Image for Land plot database

Land plot database

Custom geodatabase schema
Cover Image for Windfarm visual impact

Windfarm visual impact

Landscape change in animated 3D
Cover Image for Coordinate transformations

Coordinate transformations

Programming geomatics in Python
Cover Image for Image classifications

Image classifications

Processing multi-band satellite imagery