Nick Lempesis

Maps, GIS and geospatial web

Structure from motion

University of Glasgow

As a topographic team at the University of Glasgow we used a DJI Phantom 4 UAV and the Pix4D photogrammetric software to perform image acquisition and create a densified Digital Surface Model point cloud of the university sports grounds using Structure from Motion.

Ground truth was captured at custom made high visibility targets using a Real Time Kinematic GNSS Leica antenna. The broader aim was to evaluate and report on achievable data quality and outline implications of the method, but the accuracy achieved for the time taken by the survey was impressive.

Cover Image for Infrastructure map

Infrastructure map

Country-wide infrastructure visualisation
Cover Image for Productivity GIS tools

Productivity GIS tools

Improving editorial efficiency
Cover Image for Line network processing

Line network processing

Data integration with smart suggestions
Cover Image for Land plot database

Land plot database

Custom geodatabase schema
Cover Image for Windfarm visual impact

Windfarm visual impact

Landscape change in animated 3D
Cover Image for Coordinate transformations

Coordinate transformations

Programming geomatics in Python
Cover Image for Windfarm siting algorithm

Windfarm siting algorithm

Automating a site-finding workflow
Cover Image for Image classifications

Image classifications

Processing multi-band satellite imagery